What will happen on the 15th June?

So much cosmic energy dancing about and we are part of that energy.
Many aspects activated, One strong combination after the other.

So what does this mean for events on Earth? Will something momentous happen? Well, if it was going to – it should happen around this date!

Interestingly there’s a perigee moon at the end of the month, where the moon will appear especially large in the sky. Being at its closest point to earth; heightening the full moon in Capricorn.

  • Helen Lowthian June 13, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    Leamington Peace Festival will happen on this day. A FREE FESTIVAL that is in its 35th year. FREE MUSIC FREE DANCING lots of food and drink stalls, completly vegetarian,lots of childrens entertainment too. Promoting Peace, fairtrade, love harmony and understanding.


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