Save the NHS – Demonstration in Manchester

Get Your Snouts out of the NHS!

To co-incide with the Tory party conference in Manchester – a demonstration was organised by the TUC and other anti-government bodies. It was a wonderful sun-shining day, and we set off from Leamington at 6am to get to Manchester for the start.
Conservative estimates for the number of protesters present was 50,000 — but The Guardian is quoting 70,000. Well, I don’t know how many of us there were exactly, but there was loads! Shouting, chanting, singing, dancing… some in fancy dress, others holding placards and banners with a plethora of catchy slogans and protest messages.
It appears, however, that the BBC were ‘discouraged’ from broadcasting by the government… so much for a free press.

I was there because I don’t want to see a privatised NHS… Which is the governments intention of introducing by stealth.

See this article: Doctors cry foul at NHS ‘privatisation by stealth’

Again, Public money will be lining the pockets of the wealthy few.. and the dream of an NHS which will make equal treatment available to all, at point of need, for free.. well, that’s something that we’re going to have to fight for all over again.

For Hardworking People

The Tory’s have cynically used the phrase ‘Hardworking People’  in this years conference to effectively ‘divide and rule’. To distinguish between the ‘Hardworking’ people – and the unemployed, sick, Disabled and elderly.  Basically, the message is going out – if you’re not ‘hardworking’ then you are somehow a burden on the rest of the hardworking people.

It’s also a spit in the face of all those genuine hardworking people in the NHS and other public sectors; who are having there wages squeezed and  there jobs put in jeopardy. Almost 6,000 nurses’ posts have disappeared since the general election, official figures show.

Why not get all those idle rich picking up litter in the streets… at least then they will be contributing to society. And if we’re going to have a tax on every spare bedroom you have – well, Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms.. let’s start with having the Queen either have to find lodgers, or else pay tax on those under-occupied rooms. We’re all in this together remember…




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