About Me

Portrait of Richard

Greetings..and Welcome to my Blog. My name’s Richard Proffitt – and I’m a Creative working in web-design and graphic design. I’m also an artist creating 2D work, mostly in acrylic. I display a fair amount of artwork on this and other websites I operate, such as http://art.iopan.co.uk/.

Apart from enjoying the creative processes themselves; I’m also fond of the technology and of the way it seems to be driving our culture at the moment. In my artwork, I produce mainly, abstract-geometric surface-pattern design and flat graphic-art paintings; generally in acrylic. (I do a lovely portrait in oils though, especially to commission).

I love doing creative work – and also have a number of my own photographs and numerous other images online – connected to many creative-focused social network accounts: Tumblr, Pintersest, Flickr, Instagram and 500px to name a few.

I’ve worked on various web projects, for many years I was the web designer for the Council of Disabled People, Coventry & Warwickshire. When this organisation finally came to an end*, the Disability charity that aimed to replace many of CDP’s previous services – The Disability Information Zone (DIZ) – asked me if I would build and run their website. I gladly agreed and built them a website in 2013. I’ve also done numerous graphic design and desktop publishing jobs for DIZ. Their site is located at: http://www.disabilityinformationzone.co.uk.

Other clients include additional Disability charities; two psychologists/counselors; artists, small businesses, a fitness instructor, two magazines (one of them an international fashion magazine) and art projects in Warwickshire and Birmingham. I’ve had the opportunity to work on all aspects of modern web design.

I’m also always looking to develop my skills in video making, producing and editing. I’ve created a couple of short instructional films and quite a few experimental, free-form short films using some basic techniques like stop-frame animation, found footage, collections of stills etc.. take a look at some on Vimeo.

*Sadly, the CDP website is no longer archived, so I can’t demonstrate that. But the DIZ website is still available.