PC broke down…And don’t bother with <div>’s in layout for HTML email.

PC spectacularly broken.. hope they can fix it.

Have lots of original artwork files only on that PC.

I must get into habit of backing up on external drives… angry with myself.


Also – I recently did a short-list of emails to multiple email addresses for the One World Link Newsblog website.  Very much wanted to style an HTML email… (I know many frown on this use) But sadly, using <div>’s to format style – I found that they didn’t appear exactly how I’d intended.. only part of the styling appeared in the final document. So I went back to that old way – the table… I feel bad using a table for layout… but it seems it’s the only reliable way to format style in HTML email. Finally got it looking reasonable.. with table…OWL email 001

I have found an alternative – still uses tables, but is responsive and a lot more developed… still, don’t know how email clients deal with CSS media queries.



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