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Wake Your Mind Magazine. Tumblr Blog is going well for WYM with 144 posts and 24 followers Both me and Nigel contribute to this tumblr account and it’s a pleasant extension of WYM’s activities online

More Astrological Symbols

From www.astrologyweekly.com Planetary symbols  Sun  Moon  Mercury  Venus  Mars  Jupiter  Saturn  Uranus  Neptune  Pluto  Earth Glyphs of main aspects Conjunction  Sextile  Square  Trine  Opposition  Semisextile  Semisquare  Quincunx Glyphs held on www.iopan.co.uk  Sun  Moon  Mercury  Venus  Mars  Jupiter  Saturn  Uranus  Neptune  Pluto  Chiron  Conjunction  Sextile  Square  Trine  Opposition  Semisextile  Semisquare Addendum: HTML and Unicode: How nice it would have been 

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Assange Interview

Assange said he sees WikiLeaks’s primary role as giving a voice to the victims of US wars and proxy wars by using leaked documents to tell their stories. The release of the Afghan and Iraq War Logs, he said, disclosed the extent of civilian death and suffering, and the plethora of lies told by the Pentagon 

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I think I should take up Yoga

I’ve been looking at the pictures of Bill and Pepa at the gym – the last time for these gym-buddies as Pepa is back off to the Cheque Republic..     But it’s all making me feel rather weedy.. 🙁 I shall have to take up yoga again. It’s brilliant, makes you feel just wonderful! 

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Another Day, Another Pot Noodle

It’s gotta be Bombay Bad Boy… or Chicken and Mushroom flavours for me at the moment. Not quite sure what they put in Pot Noodles to make them so addictive, but I’ve had one every day for the last week! Speaking of addictions… I’ve just been helping my friend to set up her website where 

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oops, got a photo banned from Google!

I’ve been backing up my tumblr site – because, shock, horror – sometimes, tumblr is down!! and what are you supposed to do then?? (http://whentumblrisdown.com/) What if they lost my blog? Anyway, to avoid this scenario, I’ve backed up my tumblr site here – on my blog…. And I’m also posting up some of my 

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How to claim benefits online?

Firstly, It’s only guaranteed to work under the following conditions: “The service was designed to work with the following operating systems and browsers. Many of these are no longer available: Microsoft Windows 98: Internet Explorer versions 5.0.1, 5.5 and 6.0, Netscape 7.2 Microsoft Windows ME: Internet Explorer version 5.5 and 6.0, Netscape 7.2 Microsoft Windows 

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Love this guy’s movie… Moon from Jonathon Beaver on Vimeo. He’s happy for me to use it on my experimental site iopan.vacau.com

back to the Fullscreen Video Background

I’ve been looking at Full-screen Video Backgrounds for the last month or so. I really like them! And I’m sure some of my clients may ask for this feature. Although it is a bit decedent when it comes to the shear amount of bandwidth being taken up, it’s still very effective when used in moderation and within a good 

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More winning News

Ok, so this news is a week old – but I only just found out through my mate – It only existed as vague paranoia before. Now there seem to be measures in place to halt the surveillance state. Thanks in part to all the members of 38 Degrees: Great news! We’ve stopped the government’s 

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