Leamington Peace Festival

It’s that time of the year again! All head to Leamington for the Peace Festival! One of the country’s longest-running free festivals. It’s now in it’s 35th Year! http://www.peacefestival.org.uk/  

Down Monsanto – Upfest

Went to Bristol over the weekend… Love that city, lived there for about 5 years in fact. So it’s always nice to go back and visit friends. But this weekend was the anti-Monsanto demonstration. Gathered together in a park in St.Pauls/Stokes Croft and marched on the city centre. I hope that it did some good. 

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Notes on Accessible Web Design

Website Accessibility Label everything so that assistive technology can read it. All images require alt tags; all links, title tags. Keep your code clean! See document: “What Beautiful HTML looks like” – Use appropriate tags; don’t use tables for layout. Separate presentation from content; html should contain no styling – leave that to the CSS. 

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Accessible Webdesign

I’ve just got the job to create a website for a disability organisation based in Coventry. They’re called DIZ; Disability Information Zone. And the site is at: http://www.disabilityinformationzone.co.uk I’m gonna have to swat up on Accessible Design as I’d like the site to be available to as many people as possible, whatever impairment they have. 

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Playing with Dolls

Just came across this movie in production called “Own Drum” by Kai Stänicke: Great stuff – subverting Barbie – love it! Reminds me of the Todd Haynes movie: “Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story” (1988)