oops, got a photo banned from Google!

I’ve been backing up my tumblr site – because, shock, horror – sometimes, tumblr is down!! and what are you supposed to do then?? (http://whentumblrisdown.com/) What if they lost my blog? Anyway, to avoid this scenario, I’ve backed up my tumblr site here – on my blog…. And I’m also posting up some of my tumblr pics to flickr and google. I didn’t really think much of the content – I’ve tried to blog some weird and wonderful pics on my tumblr site – something a bit different, strange, scary, fanciful, punk, bizarre, horror, arty, beautiful or surreal…

I really didn’t think I had anything that could be considered ‘adult’ or NSFW.. The taste is questionable in some instances, but No, Google disagreed with one of my images, and promptly warned me about it’s questionable content – then just took it down!

OK, so it shows a woman’s breasts – and really that’s all that’s ‘wrong’ with it… I didn’t realise that Google had a hang up about mammeries… well, what do you think:


banned by google

banned by google

Well, ok, it’s out of context now, it might seem a bit questionable… as you can’t see the model’s face – it’s hard to gauge weather she is in full agreement of having the picture taken… but that’s stretching it a bit. But in the context of my other images – I see a picture of a strong-willed woman with a sense of humour… I dunno – Google didn’t offer any explanation, they just censored it. Were they right to do this?

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