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Ok, so this news is a week old – but I only just found out through my mate – It only existed as vague paranoia before. Now there seem to be measures in place to halt the surveillance state.

Thanks in part to all the members of 38 Degrees:

Great news! We’ve stopped the government’s plan to spy on everyone’s internet use. Late yesterday Nick Clegg announced he will not allow the “snoopers’ charter” to go ahead.

38 Degrees members moved quickly when we first heard of the plan to collect details of who we call, text, email and which websites we visit. We voted to work together to stop these intrusive and expensive plans.

Together, over the past 18 months:

    • nearly 200,000 of us signed the petition to stop government snooping
    • tens of thousands of us emailed our MPs
  • from Dundee to Penzance, thousands of us met up locally to deliver our massive petition direct to MPs

Liberty puts it well:

How private is your private life? Help us stop the Snoopers’ Charter

Only yesterday we were waxing lyrical about whispers that the Snoopers’ Charter – AKA the Draft Communications Data Bill – was floundering. Today it appears the legislation may have sunk for good. All signs seem to point to Nick Clegg having vetoed the proposals, with reports suggesting the Deputy Prime Minister has told David Cameron and Theresa May they are “unworkable” and “disproportionate”.

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