Sorry, not feeling in a very jovial mood… feeling a bit poorly in fact.. combination of a mild depression and diabetes. very fatigued… It’s taken me a week, what I was hoping to do in a day. That is: launch my new website.

(Ta Darrrrr…)

sweated blood over this. so hope it’s well accepted. Trying to follow some serious responsive functions, my next challenge is to as fully incorporate accessibility into it as I can. (As well as having it look better in different devices) But then, responsive design lends itself to accessible design, it’s sort of inherent…I’m hoping to really weld the two in the redesign of the Wake Your Mind site: [work under development].

Not my first ‘home’ website. I started off with – but not sure if anyone owns that address now. {NB. Now owned by a R.Proffitt in Knoxville, Tennessee…}

I do know that is owned by an artist called Richard Proffitt. (who’s artwork I love btw, and is well worth checking out) I’m sure the world’s big enough for all the RP’s. 2006

my old website – not sure what came over me to draw a diagram of a wind turbine… I just liked it I suppose.

The design incorporated the use of Frame-sets… now who uses frame-sets any more?? and also with Flash – and Flash is going the same way…


First iopan website 2009

First iopan website 2009


iopan 2009-2012

iopan 2009-2012

There was a 2012 site too, but All the files were on the other computer – which is being repaired right now…

…poor thing, hope they fix it soon.

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