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Wake Your Mind

Wake Your Mind

We are the magazine for anyone outside the mainstream! (NO fascists)

Wake your MIND’ has existed for seven years as a magazine for poets, artists, story-tellers and thinkers who for whatever reason feel excluded from mainstream publications. It has always been distributed free of charge as a paper publication in Warwickshire (UK). This is because actions speak as loudly as words; say you don’t want to make art and literature another commodity fetish, then should make it free. A commodity only exists as an ‘exchange-value’, if you create a ‘use-value’, which is what a product then it is removed from the capitalist market place it, to an extent the negatives attached to commodity production. This is what we have attempted to achieve.

We began as a magazine attached to the mental health charity MIND, but as the local leadership moved further to the right we went our own way. That happened six years ago and a significant and major step for the magazine because it freed us from the shackles of being attached to an organization and has now created a far more diverse magazine with people from a spectrum of backgrounds contributing. We kept the name, but are ‘underground MIND’ and now we are on the net although hard-copy will be available locally. I take poetry and prose, analysis and art from anyone who is or has/does feel like an ‘outsider’, but not anything related to ‘hatred’.

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