From Psychologists to ODDA Magazine

What is it about October?

I always seem to have some interesting work come along during the Autumn. 2014 is no exception and this year I find I’m working with two Counsellors (the psychotherapist variety) – An Artist – A lovely lady selling unique and beautiful Jewellery and An International Fashion Magazine (ODDA). Also, I continue to work on the Wake Your Mind (WYM) website, and with Disability Information Zone (DIZ).

Oh Yes, and I’ve sketched a site out for a guy I know who runs his own Security firm…!

The MOST exciting, of course, is the fashion magazine, ODDA. I love looking through all the artistic and often bizarre apparel: I’m learning a lot about fashion and the fashion industry. And I love working with creative people.

I’m joining ODDA Magazine to work on the website for Issue 7. The URL is: …Watch that space!

ODDA Magazine is a fairly new periodical – but already it’s being called by some the ‘Fashion Bible’ – they have been working with some of the brightest stars of the industry, getting interviews with designers, models, studios and insiders to make a fascinating and insightful read. The artwork and photography is continually innovative and often unique. I also get to work with my good friend Gabrielle Sauve, Creative Editor of ODDA who also happens to be a talented photographer and DJ (she is also the mother of the model Sebastian Sauve) and I liase with the creative talent that is David Martin (Creative Director – ODDA Magazine); he has a great sense of style and keeps me on my toes regarding the website.

I intend that my design skills will do them proud…! It really is a pleasure to be working on an established international project. Below are some screenshot sketches of the work I’ve been doing so far:










ODDA is also very busy on the social networks; so here are there links to all the favourites:

The re-build of the magazine’s website has been taking up most of my available time, although I strive to give all of my clients an equal share of myself(!) I’ll post about those other projects in the near future; until then – let’s get back to the Beautiful People!



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