Help the People of Gaza – and get an Organic Fair Trade T-Shirt.

The People of GAZA need help.

iopan Rainbow Products are donating all their profits.
How can You Help?


Classic T-Shirt
£16.78 | €19.83


Graphic T-Shirt
£19.67 | €23.23


Women’s T-Shirt
£16.56 | €19.57


Lightweight Hoodie
£27.60 | €32.61


Tote Bag
£12.16 | €14.49


Laptop Sleeve
£24.00 | €28.61


£1.69| €2.02


Greeting Card
£1.50| €1.79


£13.51 | €16.10


Hardback Book
£12.00 | €14.30


Framed Print
£56.06 | €66.83


Drawstring Bag
£20.00 | €23.84

All Profits from this Project will be donated to the Emergency Relief Fund for the People of Gaza

There are many different items to choose from… all making ideal gifts, and all the profits will go to the People of Gaza to help them survive the horrors of War and the Blockade.


You can help people in Gaza lead dignified lives. Many of our donors have become part of the ANERA community because they want to help Gaza. Individual gifts and institutional donations go a long way to change lives. Here are some of the programs you are making possible when you donate to help Gaza:

  • Renovating school infrastructure so students feel inspired to learn
  • Upgrading water and sanitation systems to provide thousands of families with clean water and safe living environments
  • Helping farmers to restore their farms and revitalize agriculture
  • Helping Gaza children get access to preschools through our early childhood development program
  • Delivering medical relief to hospitals and clinics
  • Responding to emergencies and providing quick and efficient humanitarian relief


Struggle for Everyday Life


In Gaza, everyday survival can be a challenge. The ongoing crisis has impacted every aspect of life for Palestinians, from the inability to access clean water and adequate healthcare to the daily struggle to earn a living or give children hope for a better future. More recently, lengthy power cuts have made it almost impossible for the population of Gaza to function, leaving schools, hospitals and homes plunged into darkness without electricity or power.

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NPR photographer David Gilkey spent a month covering the recent hostilities between Israel and Gaza. He talks about the images he made and the stories behind them in this video slideshow.


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  • admin September 10, 2016 at 1:05 am

    A Useful Post:

    8 Ways to Help the People of Gaza

    As the news keeps flooding in of hospitals destroyed, schools obliterated, homes shattered to pieces and more and more innocent children dying, the situation in Gaza seems all but hopeless.

    There is no consolation for a mother who has lost her three month old child in an unfathomable way.

    There is no justification for an occupation that has lasted decades.

    However, thanks to social media, as can be clearly seen via photos of Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations just days ago; even as bombs continue to rain down, the people of Gaza have not given up hope, and neither can we.


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