Well, they make it so easy!

Oh Dear, I got a bit carried away and started up multiple Google Plus Accounts!

Well, they make it so easy! Before you know it – you’re playing with the next amazing Google gizmo.. and you’ve invested time (and content) to more internet space.  I think I started up about 6 different Google+ pages! Perhapse I’m developing a split personality! Anyway, I’ve deleted a couple, so that leaves me with four – it hurts to crush all that data!

  1. – Richard Proffitt, – My Default Home on Google+ Personal Stuff.

  2. – Richard Proffitt, iopan 23 site – For storing images – an image depositary (and back-up for my tumblr account)

  3. – iopan websites – A Google+ place for documenting the websites I work on. Also connecting with web designing community.

  4. – iopan Graphic Design – Google+ Page. Somewhere to showcase my Graphic Design Sketches and to look at other designer’s work.

Well, that’s quite enough of Google+ for one lifetime.



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