Free Astrological Symbols: planets and aspects

Using the traditional astrological forms, I have created icons of the planets and some of the major aspects and other chart symbols. If you’re an astrologer or perhaps an interested graphic designer, then you can download the png or svg’s of them for free from this page.




Planets & Asteroids

Name Symbol png download 65×65 svg download svg code
Sun sun sun sun sun.txt svg code
Moon moon moon moon moon.txt svg code
Mercury mercury mercury mercury mercury.txt svg code
Venus venus venus venus venus.txt svg code
Mars mars mars mars mars.txt svg code
Jupiter jupiter jupiter jupiter jupiter.txt svg code
Saturn saturn saturn saturn saturn.txt svg code
Uranus uranus uranus uranus uranus.txt svg code
Neptune neptune neptune neptune neptune.txt svg code
Pluto pluto pluto pluto pluto.txt svg code
Chiron chiron chiron chiron chiron.txt svg code
Ceres ceres ceres ceres ceres.txt svg code
Pallas pallas pallas pallas pallas.txt svg code
Vesta vesta vesta vesta vesta.txt svg code
Juno juno juno juno juno.txt svg code




Aspects and other chart symbols

Name Symbol png download 65×65 svg download svg code
Ascendant ascendant ascendant ascendant ascendant.txt svg code
Conjunction conjunction conjunction conjunction conjunction.txt svg code
Midheaven midheaven midheaven midheaven midheaven.txt svg code
Node North node-north node-north node-north node-north.txt svg code
Node South node-south node-south node-south node-south.txt svg code
Opposition opposition opposition opposition opposition.txt svg code
Quincunx quincunx quincunx quincunx quincunx.txt svg code
Retrograde retrograde retrograde retrograde retrograde.txt svg code
Sextile sextile sextile sextile sextile.txt svg code
Square square square square square.txt svg code
Trine trine trine trine trine.txt svg code




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