Down Monsanto – Upfest

Went to Bristol over the weekend… Love that city, lived there for about 5 years in fact. So it’s always nice to go back and visit friends. But this weekend was the anti-Monsanto demonstration. Gathered together in a park in St.Pauls/Stokes Croft and marched on the city centre.

I hope that it did some good. Even if a handful of people are converted to the cause, then some positive action has been take.

Here’s someone’s’ take on the day:

Here’s some links about the demos and about Monsanto too:


Bristol hosted the Upfest (well, Bedminster did) which was great fun…here’s some pictures I took (look for the Upfest Gallery above for more… )

upfest02 upfest10

upfest09 upfest11


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