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Wake Your Mind We are the magazine for anyone outside the mainstream! (NO fascists) Wake your MIND’ has existed for seven years as a magazine for poets, artists, story-tellers and thinkers who for whatever reason feel excluded from mainstream publications. It has always been distributed free of charge as a paper publication in Warwickshire (UK). 

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Wake Your Mind Magazine

Wake Your Mind Magazine. Tumblr Blog is going well for WYM with 144 posts and 24 followers Both me and Nigel contribute to this tumblr account and it’s a pleasant extension of WYM’s activities online

Wake Your Mind Spring 2013 released

Just finished editing and compiling the Wake Your Mind Magazine for Spring 2013. It’s a bumper issue this time round – with articles and poems from a wider variety of people. We’ve also changed the format and I’m doing the desktop publishing in InDesign. So all round it’s a more quality publication. If you want 

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Writing to a friend in Jail

Justice has been dealt to my friend R. He’s now facing a long stretch for , what was it?, Miss-appropriating goods and causing damage in order to gain access to said goods.*  Anyway, he was (rather foolishly, imho) taking things from a shop at night…. transporting them in the dead of a winter night back to his 

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