CCA (Coventry Caribbean Association)

A Big Welcome I would like to extend a big warm welcome to Coventry Caribbean Association who have recently asked me to help them to create a new website for their organisation. The CCA have some big plans for the future, so the site will need to grow with them; I’m really looking forward to 

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Unlimited, for Disabled Artists

Unlimited aims to embed work by disabled artists within the UK cultural sector, reach new audiences and shift perceptions of disabled people. We are looking to support commissions for disabled artists and companies that support disabled-led work across all art forms. We are looking for quality, innovation and ambition across everything we commission. Find out 

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Film Showing Excerpts From Burning Man Festival 2016

Burning Man Festival 2016 This film, posted on Vimeo, and titled, “Burning Man 2016 Hyperlapsed” does capture the wonderful creative insanity and anarchy that is the Burning Man Festival. I Love it! It just looks like so much fun! I hope that one year I get to go to the festival… I’ve collected a few 

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Love Internet Privacy? Then Reset the Net!

June 5th, 2014: Reset the Net  #resetthenet Don’t ask for your privacy. Take it back. Sign up at Governments have twisted the Internet into something it was never intended to be: a system for invading our private lives. We’re fighting back and demanding needed reforms, but we don’t have to to wait while politicians promise 

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New Video: HongKong Punk Ballerina

Featured Video – HongKong Punk Ballerina Shonen Knife meet us in Hong Kong harbour, as the punk, Jordan, practices her ballerina moves around the bonfire in Derek Jarman’s Jubilee. Previous Videos: MurderFuneral01 Black Narcissus Cut up and Cropped @RichardProffitt

New iopan Poetry & Film site

Just created a new subdomain of iopan: A place for me to show my poetry and video work… … the poetry isn’t too bad (so I’ve been told) but the videos are a bit ropey (haha!) – well, I’ve only just started making experimental video, and it’s not a medium I’ve explored much before. 

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Join Wake Your Mind Subscriber’s List

Wake Your Mind We are the magazine for anyone outside the mainstream! (NO fascists) Wake your MIND’ has existed for seven years as a magazine for poets, artists, story-tellers and thinkers who for whatever reason feel excluded from mainstream publications. It has always been distributed free of charge as a paper publication in Warwickshire (UK). 

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Feeling Patriotic?

More flim-flam from my experimental workshop – this time (all be upstanding please) The National Anthem! Oh, and a few shots of the last lot of London Riots (2012)

Thinkin’ ’bout a Revolution…

Been reading Why mental health is a political issue.. and it’s been making me a bit, you know, political… and – of course – there’s a lot of revolutionary energy going about at the moment… in fact, I feel it’s really time for another revolution. Our current system is corrupt at the top.. that top 

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Black Narcissus Cut up and Cropped

This video experimentation shows a cut-up scene from my favourite film, “Black Narcissus” by directors Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. This classic English directing duo were responsible for a slew of incredible and influential films between the 1940s and ’50s. Black Narcissus tells a story of five nuns opening a convent in the Himalayas, they 

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