Back Online

After a disastrous week losing my blog – and recovering it partially – I’ve now re-launched – but sadly have had to start at day one again!

Beware ye all ISPs offering free web space. I had this site on a free server to begin with (I won’t say which one) but as it was gradually disintegrating before my eyes, I opened a ticket with them… “We can see it fine ” they said. “re-fresh your browser” – bollocks! I looked in 5 different browsers and none of them could find my blog! It had been wiped!

So anyway, I’ve put it up on my own reliable server with the kind people at 34SP. Haven’t got a bad word to say about these folks – they’re the best hosting service I’ve ever had, and they are friendly, Quick to respond and they’re in Manchester (which is sort of a bonus, because I like Manchester)

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