Back in the Land of the Living

After five days off, I’ve just about recovered from my exhaustion! I really mustn’t work so hard in the future – I was making myself really unwell.

From now on, it’s gonna be 9 to 5 days and free weekends… Sure, I’m not gonna ban myself from using the computer at other times, I’m just not going to do any work.

My MIND support worker warned me about getting the correct work/life balance in place – and boy, was she right.. I nearly had a breakdown I was doing so many hours… and working at all times of the day and night – often staying up round the clock and working till dawn.

I’m just gonna do a bit of work over the next couple of days on Bill’s CV – then I’ll start work again proper on Wednesday.

So gonna kick back and relax tonight – maybe watch Fellini’s Satyricon… great movie!


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