Another Day, Another Pot Noodle

It’s gotta be Bombay Bad Boy… or Chicken and Mushroom flavours for me at the moment. Not quite sure what they put in Pot Noodles to make them so addictive, but I’ve had one every day for the last week!

Speaking of addictions… I’ve just been helping my friend to set up her website where she’s determined to help out people with addiction problems. It’s called ‘Addicted Angels’ and is located at: – I think she’s very brave in doing so. Addiction is still such a taboo subject, surrounded in prejudice and shame. But the fact is an estimated 2 million people in the UK are fighting an addiction.

I really hope that my friends site – once it’s up and running – can be of some help to those who are battling addiction. I hope that her wider vision of starting a charity called Addicted Angels is also actualized.

Another site I’m helping to develop (or at least offering courage and support) is my friend Denny Reader’s Denny is a published poet – and I’m looking forward to seeing his blog up and running as he’s a great word-smith..

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