About Richard Proffitt

iopan.design is the name I chose for my art & design practice. My name is Richard Proffitt. I thoroughly enjoy creating and promoting websites and doing graphic design work. I have spent many years studying art and design and I also have over ten years professional experience of web and graphic design.

I fell in love with HTML in the 90s when at the University of the West of England. I was studying a degree called Art and Social Context which emphasized working creatively with numerous groups. There was always encouragement to contextualise work within the wider social environment, the people. In my effort to further my study in the new area of web publishing - I began to mark-up all of my work reports for the internet.

The 2000s

In the 2000s, I pursued a career within the community arts field and worked with many different groups on a variety of art projects. I also continued producing my own artwork and had some success in securing public art commissions, having a few exhibitions as well as an artist's residency. Within many of these projects I utilized my web and graphic design skills.

In the second half of the decade, and up to it's demise in 2012, I worked as the web designer for the Council of Disabled People (CDP).

Working for CDP I developed an interest in Disability Rights. I had always had a sense of social justice, and now I had more of a platform to explore it. Right now, Disabled People in the UK, and around the world, are facing cruel and unjust treatment. It's an ongoing matter of human rights.

On a positive note, working for CDP had me looking very carefully at all manner of accessibility issues; not just for web, but for graphic design, print, document construction and the environment too. I have become quite specialised in Accessible Design.

The Future

The new standard of HTML5 has been committed to by the major browsers along with companies like Apple and Google. But the dream of full browser ubiquity is still far-off. CSS3 gives web designers a whole new ‘set of tools’ but again, it's a long road ahead to full use and integration. Also, let's not forget all those of us who cling on to a 10 year-old browser.

In the future I hope to brush up my CSS skills, expand and explore these with SASS; learn more about PHP coding; JavaScript; JQuery as well as Accessible and Responsive Design.