Well, they make it so easy! Oh Dear, I got a bit carried away and started up multiple Google Plus Accounts! Well, they make it so easy! Before you know it – you’re playing with the next amazing Google gizmo.. and you’ve invested time (and content) to more internet space.  I think I started up 

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New iopan Poetry & Film site

Just created a new subdomain of iopan: A place for me to show my poetry and video work… … the poetry isn’t too bad (so I’ve been told) but the videos are a bit ropey (haha!) – well, I’ve only just started making experimental video, and it’s not a medium I’ve explored much before. 

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Join Wake Your Mind Subscriber’s List

Wake Your Mind We are the magazine for anyone outside the mainstream! (NO fascists) Wake your MIND’ has existed for seven years as a magazine for poets, artists, story-tellers and thinkers who for whatever reason feel excluded from mainstream publications. It has always been distributed free of charge as a paper publication in Warwickshire (UK). 

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Feeling Patriotic?

More flim-flam from my experimental workshop – this time (all be upstanding please) The National Anthem! Oh, and a few shots of the last lot of London Riots (2012)

Czech Please

Just got back from a short holiday in the Czech Republic. What a great country, and our hosts were wonderfully welcoming and friendly. Staying in a small town called Přibyslav.. sleepy little place and home to our hosts. From here we visited the Punkva Caves and Macocha Abyss – a 1.2 km long attractive cave circuit including the 

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