Down Monsanto – Upfest

Went to Bristol over the weekend… Love that city, lived there for about 5 years in fact. So it’s always nice to go back and visit friends. But this weekend was the anti-Monsanto demonstration. Gathered together in a park in St.Pauls/Stokes Croft and marched on the city centre. I hope that it did some good. 

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Notes on Accessible Web Design

Website Accessibility Label everything so that assistive technology can read it. All images require alt tags; all links, title tags. Keep your code clean! See document: “What Beautiful HTML looks like” – Use appropriate tags; don’t use tables for layout. Separate presentation from content; html should contain no styling – leave that to the CSS. 

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Accessible Webdesign

I’ve just got the job to create a website for a disability organisation based in Coventry. They’re called DIZ; Disability Information Zone. And the site is at: I’m gonna have to swat up on Accessible Design as I’d like the site to be available to as many people as possible, whatever impairment they have. 

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Playing with Dolls

Just came across this movie in production called “Own Drum” by Kai Stänicke: Great stuff – subverting Barbie – love it! Reminds me of the Todd Haynes movie: “Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story” (1988)  

Wake Your Mind Magazine

Wake Your Mind Magazine. Tumblr Blog is going well for WYM with 144 posts and 24 followers Both me and Nigel contribute to this tumblr account and it’s a pleasant extension of WYM’s activities online

More Astrological Symbols

From Planetary symbols  Sun  Moon  Mercury  Venus  Mars  Jupiter  Saturn  Uranus  Neptune  Pluto  Earth Glyphs of main aspects Conjunction  Sextile  Square  Trine  Opposition  Semisextile  Semisquare  Quincunx Glyphs held on  Sun  Moon  Mercury  Venus  Mars  Jupiter  Saturn  Uranus  Neptune  Pluto  Chiron  Conjunction  Sextile  Square  Trine  Opposition  Semisextile  Semisquare Addendum: HTML and Unicode: How nice it would have been 

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Assange Interview

Assange said he sees WikiLeaks’s primary role as giving a voice to the victims of US wars and proxy wars by using leaked documents to tell their stories. The release of the Afghan and Iraq War Logs, he said, disclosed the extent of civilian death and suffering, and the plethora of lies told by the Pentagon 

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