iopan blog coming soon

I started the original iopan blog in the autumn of 2013; hard to believe that was nearly six years ago now. If you ever had read any of the posts then, you'd have realised that it was an ecclectic assortment of posts on a wide variety of my interest subjects. These range from disability issues to graphic design to photographs from my latest trip to Warwick hospital: it lacked coherance. In my naivety, I'd simply thrown everything at it without thinking of the overall result. This was it's downfall.

In the blog to come, I'm aiming to focus on a shorter list of catagories and not throw everything and the kitchen sink into it! Saying that, I'm also looking for a way of writing my personal thoughts and experiences of living in a post-Brexit UK society, whatever that will entail. So the long and short of it is: It will be a blog about web and graphic design, art, culture and creativity and it will be within a wider social context of a society that has turned a little in upon itself, a little insular and closed. I guess that's the best way that I can describe it.

OK, so now comes the exciting part… I have to build up a blog from scratch again, choosing software, plugins and so on, and design my way to internet happiness! I hope to go live by March 31st 2019.

Give us the tools and we shall do the job

I've chosen to go for Wordpress as a CMS again because it's practically the best tool for blog authoring. I was comfortable with the interface from day one and it's not changed very radically in all these years so I see no reason to change anything now.

I've also decided to keep the costs right down on this project; in fact I'd like to do it using free and open source software only. That include all of the frontandbackend software, apps and plugins that I use and that I may recommend for use to my readers. Of course, I pay my server for the privalidge of hosting my site and subdomains and I pay for the domain name, but these costs are reasonable and manageable.